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Oh my god, there was literally a desk full of empty beverage bottles sitting next to his macbook pro. He had a red, green, and blue light, a guitar and mini-amp. A “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, Jaws, and Pulp Fiction poster. He has a broken bong hiding in his bathroom and fucking wants a PhD. in anthropology. How. can you get any whiter than that? Don’t get me wrong, he plays the extrovert card very well, but mother loving christ is he vain. Great music and amazing weed, though, Things should play out interestingly, though. 

I’m still kinda feeling it, Mr. Krabs

The entire time I was thinking of a comic book character, though. I’m gonna go back to his room tonight to take pictures. Hopefully they come out cool looking.

My heart feels heavy. Fuck

Looking at flights is really overwhelming. I want to see him so badly but like… if I only had to pay for the flight, I’d be fine… but the train ride to and from and all other expenses are scary as fuuuck. Hopefully my newfound friends from New York could help me out… ugh. My stomach is still churning


bitch i will connecticut u


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Oh no messages… abort abort abort…

Oh my God so I found someone who looked familiar on tinder who I’ liked’ And immediately I got matched… so out of curiosity I liked the next 10 guys out of curiosity and got matches and this is ridiculously sad because I haven’t even liked people enough to know how many people liked me… girls really do have ridiculously higher standards..